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Commercial Services

We offer commercial installations of DirectTV for many different types of applications.
Bars & Restaurants - Sports, Music and Premium Entertainment to keep your customers coming back for more.
Private Offices - Keep your office personnel connected with up-to-the-minute news, weather, and sports.
Business Viewing Areas - Entertain your customers in dealerships, fitness clubs, banks, lobbies and present a truly professional environment.
Lodging & Institution - Give guests the best of 100% digital quality picture and sound in dorms, hotels or hospitals.
We offer professional installation and maintenance of DirectTV from the smallest office to the largest multi-story building.

We also offer full professional install of various types of Audio Visual Equipment. Including; LCD and Plasma TVs, Projector Systems, IP Television, Karaoke machines, DJ Equipment, Satellite Radio, Pro Audio rigs, and all types of speaker systems.

Manufacturer Certified Installation Services
Nard's works with many different name brands, but we also have strategic parnerships with several manufacturer’s enabling us to pass along deep discounts to our customers. A selection of our partners: